Canva Course for Beauty Professionals

Canva Course for Beauty Professionals

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Canva course Pre-Sale

Due to popular demand, we are launching our Canva course as a pre-sale.

When you buy the course at pre-sale, you’ll be invited to participate in an exclusive LIVE & highly interactive online training with Canva Expert Brandi, scheduled for Wednesday Jan 20th at 9:30am MST. This course will be built specifically for you ladies in the beauty industry. Not only will you learn from this live training, but you’ll be able to provide your input into what modules we need to create in this course. Only those who purchase the Pre-Sale will be invited to share their INPUT!

Why should you join this course? Learn how to make your own beautiful designs to use on social media, your website, in email marketing… and even for things you wouldn’t think of! Brandi builds everything in Canva and uses it multiple times per day. She’ll show you all of the surprising ways she uses Canva to make your life as a business owner simpler!

This course will continue to be updated with modules beginning February 1, 2021. 

WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS COURSE YOU'LL BE AUTOMATICALLY ADDED TO THE COURSE VIA YOUR SUNNASCHOOL ACCOUNT. If you are new to SunnaSchool, an account will be created for you & you will get an email. If you already have a SunnaSchool account, you can login HERE. 

If you do not see the course in your SunnaSchool account, you can contact

To access the LIVE training, the webinar link is located inside the course.  An announcement & reminder will be emailed to those who have registered for the pre-sale.